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Corporate Wellbeing


Are you constantly looking for new and creative ways to attract and retain key staff to 
your organisation?  Why not bring something extraordinary into your place of work with 
one of our corporate massage packages?  5 Minute Angels promote wellness within
your workplace which gives you a competitive advantage in the ongoing war for talent.

Corporate massage is one of the most cost effective ways to let your staff know that  
they are genuinely valued. Productivity and enthusiasm improves when people feel truly  
valued and we can help you fully engage with your most valuable assets - your people.  

 Employer Benefits:

      Reduces stress related sickness  Reduces the number of stress related sick days   
      Supports changes in organisational structure  Supports changes in the organisational structure & business environment 
      Effectively tackles workplace stress  Ensures you are effectively tackling workplace stress
      Improves employee wellbeing  Helps you to meet your obligations as an employer for your employees’ health 
             & well-being whilst minimising the risk of stress related employment tribunals
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